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Asteraceae is recognized as one of the largest flowering plant family, contributing to over 32,000 species of herbaceous plants, shrubs, and trees. Within the family name of Asteraceae, there are a few common names such as the Sunflower family or compositae, Aster family. The majority of well known herbaceous plants are flowering flowers and can vary in different sizes, colors, shapes, and features.

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Asteraceae is a floral-inspired apparel company, each design is carefully researched and accurately portrayed into clothing. The purpose of this brand is to engage and accurately inform our audience of the different variety and similarities of plants and trees within the Asteraceae Family and other plant families. Our goal is to create a sustainable and eco-friendly brand by providing a minimal carbon-footprint here on Earth. 

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Blossoming into a New Beginning 

Asteraceae was founded by Brenna Bolaños in early January 2020 in Southern California. 

Brenna grew up in the Los Angeles region in Southern California. She is a first-generation, college graduate of Salvadoran descent. She graduated in May 2020 with a bachelor of science in biological science from the University of California, Merced. 

With an ecology background, her inspiration was the love for the outdoors and plant ID creating her idea behind Asteraceae™ making a plant and custom apparel.


"While creating a sustainable brand, one of my goals is to help people in need. As Immediate Past President of UC Merced Rotaract Club, helping my community has always been one of my morals on a day-to-day basis bringing joy to other people. I hope in the near future, my brand and company will strive in helping low-income communities in the US and El Salvador in projects and scholarships."

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