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By clicking the button below, you are fully aware that you will be viewing/potentially purchasing products that are misprinted (Direct-to-Garment and Embroidery), any stitched items that are not up to quality, any freight damage, or smudged items. Remember these are discounted goods. Any coupons applied will not apply towards the final purchase. 

Each item is listed per size, color, and a brief description and summary on why they are discounted. Each items is sold as is, there are no substitutions, additional modifications, returns, refunds, or credit for any of these items. 

Asteraceae™ team will be transparent as possible when listing these items providing numerous photos before you purchase.

"Even though I couldn't get it the first time, its okay! We as humans make mistakes. Sometimes we have to look beyond the flaws to make someone else happy. I want these items to have a second chance and by believing it can... it will."
-Brenna B.

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