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California Poppy Tote

California Poppy Tote


California Poppy is native to California and also the offical state flower. It is often represented as symbol of imagination and success.

  • 10 oz., 100% cotton canvas
  • Handles are 32" long with 16" drop
  • Embroidery is 100% Polyester
  • Product Info

    Family: Papaveraceae

    Genus: Eschscholzia 

    Species: californica

    Common Name: California poppy



    Distribution in USA: 

    California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico

    Native Distribution: Native to the southwestern United States 

    Native Habitat: Grasslands, coastal dunes, chaparral and coastal scrub, dry plains and coastal prairies, and the open slopes of pine or redwood forests


    Plant Characteristics 

    Duration: Annual

    Bloom: ~  February to September 

    Color: Four-petaled flowers,

    Habit: Herb/Forb,  Sandy, well-drained soils, and is summer-drought tolerant.

    Size: Varies, Up to 2 feet

    Height: Up to 8 to 12 inches 

    Leaf: Feathery gray-green foliage

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