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Direct to Garment

also known as DTG

Recommended with black and white garments

Pre-treatment is sprayed before the artwork is printed directly on the t-shirt and cured with heat.


Some benefits include the print is more integrated into the fabric, giving a rough feel


last up to 50 washes

Direct to Film

also known as DTF

All types of blended cotton/polyester and color fabrics

Artwork is printed directly on a film and cured with an adhesive powder. The cured film is pressed with heat and bonds with shirt.


Some benefits include the print is more vibrant with little or no cracks as the shirt is washed overtime.


Custom Printed Clothing Labels

Direct to Film (DTF) clothing labels are recommended on behind-the-collar apparel. DTF gives the freedom to apply any type of artwork, on any type of color and material, at any location on the apparel.


Please make sure any lettering on clothing labels artwork is no smaller than a 0.25". Any lettering smaller than the suggested will negative impact on the final product. If you have any questions about sizing please use our email to answer any questions.


 Additional charge for any colored label prints. 

Artwork must be no smaller 3 inches

Citrus Fruits
Stationary photo

Types of Brands

Choose a selection of custom brands

We partnered with today's most common brands such as Canvas,, Hanes, Gildan, Adidas, and Champion to name a few. We strive to give you the highest quality apparel and customize your print to your specifications. 


If there is a particular style and feel to the fabric/material we will do our best to match the style while being 100% transparent with any additional charges.

Remember, we want to make sure you receive the highest quality apparel. Deciding the material and style may be tough from a business or an event standpoint. if you need any suggestions on color, material or style, please don't hesitate to send us an email.



Unsure, how the design will turn out? Feel free to order your sample with us using our email. We can design the front, back, sleeves, and interior of the collared shirts. F


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