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White Easternbonnets

White Easternbonnets


Die Cut Stickers

Dimensions: 2.22" x 3"

Material: Durable Vinyl 

Scratch Free & Weatherproof 


  • Product Information

    Family: Asteraceae

    Genus: Antheropeas

    Species: lanosum (A.Gray) Rydb.

    Common Name: White Easterbonnets



    Distribution in USA: 

    Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah


    Distribution in Canada: 



    Native Distribution: West Coast desert region.

    Native Habitat: Desert


    Plant Characteristics 

    Duration: Annual

    Bloom: ~ April

    Color: White rays, Yellow disk

    Habit: Herb/Forb

    Size: Varies, 0 - 1 ft.

    Height: Up to 1.5 in tall

    Leaf: Grayish, linear, and hug upright stems.


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